About the project


The international Erasmus+ partnership project “Smart Solutions for the Inclusion of Students with Disabilities in Higher Education” runs from September 2020 until August 2023. The project is implemented by four partner institutions – Liepaja University Institute of Educational Sciences (Latvia), CSI Center for Social Innovation LTD (Cyprus), University of Patras (Greece) and University of Maribor (Slovenia).

The aim of the project is to develop innovative, inclusive higher education system solutions that promote social inclusion and innovative digital assistive technology solutions. Thus promoting the availability of information and communication technologies for various groups of the society and their integration into the academic and social environment. Innovative solutions are developed in direct cooperation with students, representatives of higher education institutions and digital solution specialists, taking into account the diversity of needs, requirements and recommendations. Within the framework of the project is being developed, an open access, centralized, digital platform for the evaluation and provision of assistive support in higher education institutions and companies.

The project’s digital platform is complemented by an integrated set of support and information toolkit for students with special needs in higher education. Representatives of higher education institutions are provided with a specialized e-learning course for learning and using the digital platform in everyday work.

Project outputs

Digital assesment Tool for the Requirements of Disabled Students in Higher Education
Data Analysis and Publication about the Requirements of Disabled Students in Higher Education
Interactive Information Toolkit about Available Assistive Technologies for Disabled Students in Higher Students
University E-learning course: Creative Information Technologies and Assistive Programs for Disabled Students in Education

Target Audience